BYOD Strategy and Solutions

BYOD Strategy and Solutions

With the constant evolution of devices, it can be a real headache for organisations to provide their students or employees with the tech that is able to keep them productive.

Many organisations have introduced or are moving to BYOD ‘bring your own device’. Why BYOD/BYOT?

  • It is an innovative way to stay on top of the latest gadgets.
  • The premise of the devices capabilities is the users and not the organisations.
  • Costs to the organisation are significantly reduced.
  • Employees or students are happy using devices they’re comfortable with to perform work-related tasks.
  • BYOD/BYOT is a win-win solution.

The benefits of BYOD/BYOT can only be hassle-free if businesses effectively manage the diversity of devices and protect their data from being compromised.

At RTG, we have BYOD strategies and BYOD solutions to ensure your infrastructure and data will not be compromised, and we work relentlessly to keep it that way.  RTG has worked with many businesses and schools in formulating strategies and implementation plans for BYOD. These strategies have enabled limited resources to be redirected to other pressing needs.

Disaster Recovery, Backups and Business Continuity

Disaster Recovery, Backups and Business Continuity

At first glance, people think of disasters as unlikely events…earthquakes, tsunami and floods. The main focus should reside on common occurrences such as power failures, internet outages, equipment failures and minor fires.  Some of the more common threats that RTG has observed include:

  • Extreme weather including flash flooding and high winds
  • Utility outage of power influencing your internet connections
  • Random failure of infrastructure
  • Small fires
  • Lost laptop and USB drive
  • Accidental deletion of files or corrupt hard drive
  • Viruses, particularly in BYOD environments where an organisation may have limited influence over local virus checking.

To start working through an organisational DR and/or Business Continuity Plan you first need to work through what your organisations risk profile is or in other words what’s the acceptable business risks when your systems and applications go down.  Has your organisation considered which systems and applications it can’t do without when disaster strikes?  Has it gone through a cyclical evaluation which covers:

  • Is there an alternative?
  • For what duration is the manual option viable?
  • What is the impact on educational or business and operational outcomes?
  • What is the financial cost of the functional outage?

Other things an organisation needs to consider is:

  • Is ICT included in the risk management process?
  • Does your organisation have a DR or Business Continuity Plan and if so when was it last tested?  It is easy to set and forget which is not ideal, instead an annual test of the DR plan is important.
  • Is there a disaster Response and Recovery Team (DRRT) in place to be responsible and in charge when the organisation is forced to deal with crisis, including someone that can manage the public relations.
  • Is there a regular Back Up plan and process?  Have you recently considered a Cloud Backup Solution?
  • Have you recently completed a security assessment?

If you have no clear plans in place then start today……you will only miss it when its too late.  RTG has helped many businesses and schools devise their organisational risk profile, an appropriate risk minimisation strategy and a action plan to avoid the worst from happening.  If you need help call RTG today.


Hardware and Software Selection, Purchasing and Installation

Hardware and Software Selection, Purchasing and Installation

With countless hardware and software products constantly coming onto the market, knowing what brand or product to buy can be difficult and time consuming.

Allow RTG’s highly knowledgeable team to take care of the selection process for your organisation to ensure you get the best products to suit your needs.

Through our network of distributors, we provide a range of brand name and generic systems and applications including equipment such as servers, desktops, firewalls, cabinets, monitors, modems, switches and wireless routers, printers, scanners, uninterruptible power supplies, learning management systems (LMS), student management systems (SMS), sales tools and numerous other applications to support your organisation’s growth and productivity.

As RTG is constantly buying equipment, our prices will often be better than what will your organisation can obtain. So why not leverage our buying power?

And finally, RTG are also experts are installation and integration.

Whatever your needs RTG can help.

Application and Data Solutions

Application and Data Solutions

Would you like some advice or additional support on your applications or data requirements?
Are you looking for help with third party application integration?

RTG can help you with a wide variety of application and data needs.

Application Development, Support and Maintenance

We can develop, support and maintain your applications including but not limited to the following:

  • Salesforce
  • SharePoint including support, administration and development
  • Workflow Max
  • Learning Management Systems
  • Student Management Systems

Take advantage of our expertise in building reports, management of student and learning information and training users.

Database Administration, Support & Development

We can develop, support and maintain your database applications to ensure you can retrieve the required information as and when you need it. We have expertise in the following:

  • Microsoft Power BI
  • Crystal reports
  • SQL Server, Oracle, MYSQL, DB2 and data driven subscriptions.

Customised Solutions

Do you need to tailor an application to better suit your businesses specific requirements?
RTG can help by providing customised solutions.

Website Support

Do you need website changes made or your whole website redesigned? Do you need to build ecommerce functionality into your business website?

RTG can help.

E-learning services and solutions

E-learning services and solutions

You can rely on RTG to assist in your e-learning requirements. Our broad range of services include and is not limited to:

  • Developing the digital skills of staff in the use of technology to deliver engaging e-learning
  • Developing and implementing professional e-learning plans
  • Equipping teaching staff with the skills and thinking frameworks to ensure the ICT change is effective and embedded into your curriculum
  • Leading schools through the implementation of innovative learning practices enriched with digital tools such as flipped learning, Makerspaces, Learning Management Systems, Cloud services and more
  • Assisting in the rollout and measurement of the value of BYOD or other device programs

Infrastructure Managed Services

Infrastructure Managed Services

RTG has the right skills to help you in:

  • conducting remote monitoring and management of servers and networks
  • mobile device management
  • managed security
  • remote firewall administration
  • managed print services
  • virtualisation
  • network design
  • wireless solutions
  • server and storage design
  • security design and monitoring of infrastructure
  • Office 365 and Cloud migrations.

We can also look after your monthly infrastructure maintenance to ensure you systems remain reliable.
RTG can manage the entire process from building and renewing infrastructure, getting stakeholder buy in, making decisions about devices, selecting software, ensure appropriate licencing, developing and implementing policies, managing budgets and communications and implementing change.
Technologies impact on learning and on business success today more than ever so it pays to take the time and make sure you are with the right managed service provider.

ICT Managed Services

ICT Managed Services

RTG can manage and assume full responsibility for providing ICT Services for your business. We have models that suit each and every client’s requirements from augmenting in-house capabilities to providing 100% of the ICT service provision.
Our collective expertise and ability to stay up to date on technology will help you:

  • improve the ICT service quality
  • reduce the management overhead and
  • deliver new capabilities that are assessed and deployed more rapidly.

When we take on a managed services contract we won’t simply replace the existing staff. In fact, in most cases 60-80% of the existing staff are retained but they now get the added benefit of professional development and a pool of knowledge from a company dedicated to effective ICT.
Benefits when outsourcing your IT to RTG include:

  • preserve your capital
  • reduce your costs
  • improve your operational flexibility
  • increase your service levels
  • reduce your management overhead
  • rapidly deploy new capabilities then you may like to consider
  • meet your tactical and strategic objectives faster than you could otherwise.

Allow our specialist staff to support and maintain your IT structure and ensure everything runs smoothly, leaving you free to focus on your core business.

ICT Review

ICT Review

Are you sure your organisation’s ICT is at its best?
Is your technology aligned with your organisation’s current and future demands?
Are you confident your IT budget is efficient and effective enough to remain competitive in your market?
Are your IT users happy?

If you answer “No” to any of the above, or are unsure, then your organisation will benefit from RTG performing an independent review of your ICT.

Our review process only takes 14-21 days from start to finish and will not disrupt your workflow.

We start with an onsite evaluation, interviews with key stakeholders and user groups and also review your IT documentation. The review will cover the following:

  • Review the high level ICT infrastructure, how it is used, maintained and if it’s fit for purpose
  • Provide a heat map so you can quickly see issues requiring immediate and longer term attention
  • Review ICT staff levels and IT staff competency vs industry standards
  • Review how your current IT strategy relates to the organisation’s objectives
  • Provide appropriate recommendations to support the longer term planning
  • Analyse the difference in perceptions between the users versus those who deliver and oversee ICT

At the conclusion you receive a confidential report tailored to your audience. We can also present the findings to your board, executive team, committees or leadership team.

The cost for a review depends on the size of your organisation, the number of sites and the complexity of your IT.

Please contact RTG for more information. We are here to help you.

Learning Analytics

Schools have always had data. The BrightBytes Clarity® platform now gives them the answers. RTG formed a partnership with BrightBytes, a Silicon Valley based learning analytics organisation, to help schools measure the effectiveness of their technology investment.

ICT Strategy and Consulting

ICT Strategy and Consulting

  • How effective is your current ICT Strategy?
  • How well is our ICT performing in terms of organisations goals?
  • How do we compare to others in the industry?
  • How do we get to best practice, if not already?
  • What do we need to improve now versus the longer term?
  • How can we make this happen?
  • What will it cost and how do we measure the progress?
  • How do we put the wheels in motion?

The solution might be closer than you think and RTG has all the answers…
We can consult with your organisation to develop and implement an ICT Strategy that aligns with your goals and vision. Our strategies and solutions will assist your business to:

  • Consolidate ICT services
  • Reduce complexity and administrative overhead
  • Maximise current technology in the classroom or in your business
  • Reduce, and where possible eliminate, performance bottlenecks
  • Adhere to standard practices for design and management
  • Minimise risk of unscheduled outages
  • Minimise upfront, ongoing and long-term ICT costs; and
  • Ensure the stability, reliability and performance of shared infrastructure; and
  • Keep your users happy.

Let RTG ensure your technology best serves your organisation now and into the future.