Digital Privacy, Safety & Security | Strategy and Solutions

With the constant evolution of devices, it can be a real headache for organisations to maintain compliance against the complex landscape of digital privacy regulation.

Many organisations are looking towards having a process in place to ensure proactivity towards security and data privacy within their digital ecosystem and infrastructure. 

RTG can work with your school to implement Digital Privacy, Safety & Security solutions that can assist you by:

    • establishing benchmarks in current structures and practices for digital safety.
    • completing a gap analysis into digital policies, structures and systems.
    • expanding areas of focus and duty of care encompassing the protection of personally identifiable information (PII), network security, and data shared with third parties.
    • designing and implementing best practice of risk minimisation initiatives.
    • increasing shared understanding amongst stakeholders about roles and responsibilities towards digital and data privacy.

At RTG, we have a suite of solutions and strategies to ensure your infrastructure and data will not be compromised, and we work relentlessly to keep it that way.


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