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We work with you to develop effective ICT strategies and solutions to support your short and long-term goals.

  • Will your current technology and operational structures meet your future needs?

    Technology innovation and changes in regulation mean that implementation alone does not deliver lasting change and ongoing real benefits.

    Successful organisations continually examine what they want to achieve and how their people and tools can be supported and enhanced to deliver sustainable performance and long-term continuous improvement.

    If you feel your technology could be delivering enhanced efficiencies and greater business impact then consider seeking consulting advice.

    RTG can help you pin point the potential areas of improvement by conducting an independent ICT Review of your organisation’s ICT systems, structures and processes.

  • How will you ensure you have the right applications to meet your needs?

    The difficulty in most organisations is having the in-house expertise or the time available to investigate and select the most cost-effective & suitable solutions.

    RTG is extremely well placed to offer advice on the most appropriate data and applications for your business that will integrate with current technologies seamlessly and offer the flexibility to make the most of all challenges moving forward. 

  • Do you have an ICT plan that aligns with your business goals and budget?

    An ICT Strategy provides the overarching framework for all future technology requirements and therefore must be an integral part of any comprehensive business strategy.

    Reliance on technology for a business cannot be underestimated and is essential to transform your ICT from a necessary tool into a strategic asset.  

    An ICT strategy will ensure that there is a long-term plan in place that has the capability to grow with the business.

    RTG can provide a collaborative way of integrating an ICT strategy to improve processes, minimise manual workflows, increase effective communication and remove barriers to grow business and maximise opportunities.

  • Would you like guidance on selecting the correct hardware or software to support your goals?

    So many options, but which one is right? There are an infinite number of technology solutions available and it is hard to ensure that the options presented and the selection made will be the right one.

    Things often appear similar on paper when you are reviewing features and specifications, but there is so much more to consider. What is the support like? How does this system integrate with my other systems? What is the average product lifecycle for each vendor, and what is their track record with security?  

    That’s where RTG can help! We can assess the desired outcome, investigate suitable options ensuring compatibility across your existing network, and provide suitable recommendations. RTG can also assist by sourcing suitable financing options through approved vendors, if required.

  • Is your business efficient and with processes that are as streamlined as they could be?

    Remaining competitive in today’s economic climate is essential. This is most easily achieved by improving the output to input ratio which will maximise the possible deliverables.

    Streamlining processes through communication, automation & implementation of effective systems is our area of expertise.

    We can assess efficiency and put quantifiable metrics in place to ensure ongoing advancement and provide solutions to cover any shortfalls detected. 

  • Are you able to measure the effectiveness of your deliverables to continuously improve?

    Collecting, storing and analysing data is key to enable measurement of operational effectiveness.

    Often businesses don’t have the systems to capture data or they have the data available, but don’t act on it.

    Business Intelligence and data management solutions can be transformative because it can inform decisions for immediate gains & improvement in the long-term.


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