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Clients have trusted RTG for over 38 years to manage their IT environments.

Elevate your IT landscape to a realm where excellence meets unparalleled service to propel your organisation forward.


Managed IT Solutions that will drive tangible outcomes and position your organisation for sustained success.

Choose from a range of Managed IT Solutions to suit your organisations requirements and technology maturity levels.



Strategic IT Planning

Our seasoned experts collaborate closely with your team to develop a comprehensive IT roadmap aligned with your organisational goals. We prioritize understanding your unique challenges and opportunities, ensuring our strategic planning anticipates your evolving needs. From technology investments to innovations, we guide you through a tailored approach that maximizes efficiency, scalability, and resilience.

Experience the transformative power of strategic ICT planning where every solution is crafted to drive your business growth and success.


Infrastructure Management

Efficient and strategic infrastructure management stands as the bedrock of our comprehensive services, where we meticulously oversee, optimize, and maintain every facet of your IT infrastructure. Our commitment goes beyond routine management; we strategically align your infrastructure with your organisation objectives, ensuring seamless operations and fostering an environment of continuous improvement.
Through a proactive approach, we identify potential enhancements, implement optimizations, and guide your infrastructure's evolution to meet the dynamic needs of your organisation.

Help Desk & Technical Support

We redefine technical support with a strategic touch, offering a seamless choice of onsite support for immediate needs and escalated offsite support for complex challenges. Our strategic approach ensures that your organisation receives not just assistance but a tailored support framework.

From onsite troubleshooting to expertly managed offsite escalation, we orchestrate a support system that aligns with your business objectives, promoting resilience, minimizing disruptions, and strategically enhancing your overall operational efficiency.



Cybersecurity is the cornerstone of a resilient and digitally fortified organisation. In an era where digital threats constantly evolve, our comprehensive cybersecurity solutions provide robust defense mechanisms. We employ cutting-edge technologies and proactive strategies to safeguard your digital assets, ensuring confidentiality, integrity, and availability.

From advanced threat detection to strategic risk management, our cybersecurity measures not only protect against current threats but also anticipate and adapt to the ever-changing landscape of cyber risks. With our unwavering commitment to cybersecurity, your organisation can navigate the digital terrain with confidence, knowing that your assets are shielded against the complexities of the cyber world.


Network Management

Network management is a critical facet of modern business operations, and our comprehensive solutions are designed to ensure the seamless functioning of your network infrastructure. We deploy advanced tools and techniques to monitor, optimize, and secure your network, addressing potential issues proactively before they impact performance.

Our strategic network management approach encompasses everything from routine maintenance to strategic planning, ensuring that your network aligns with your organisation's evolving needs. With a focus on reliability, security, and efficiency, we empower your business to navigate the complexities of the digital landscape with confidence and strategic foresight.


End Point Management

Endpoint management prioritizes the security, optimization, and seamless operation of every device within your network. Our comprehensive endpoint management strategy extends beyond routine tasks to encompass proactive security measures, regular updates, and strategic planning to ensure your endpoints align with your organisation's goals.
By centralizing control and visibility, we empower your business to navigate the evolving digital landscape with confidence, ensuring the reliability and efficiency of every endpoint. Trust us to manage your endpoints strategically, safeguarding your network and promoting a robust and secure operational environment.

Cloud Management

We orchestrate a strategic approach cloud management where we optimize, secure, and maximize the potential of your cloud infrastructure. Our team leverages advanced tools and expertise to ensure the seamless functioning of your cloud resources, overseeing everything from resource allocation to security protocols. With a focus on scalability, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness, our cloud management services go beyond routine tasks to align with your business objectives.
Whether you're adopting a public, private, or hybrid cloud strategy, our strategic cloud management ensures that your organisation harnesses the full power of cloud technology for enhanced agility, innovation, and sustained growth

Business Continuity

Business continuity and resilience form the core part of our comprehensive strategic approach, embodying a commitment to fortify your organisation against unforeseen disruptions and challenges. In our planning and execution, we prioritize not only the continuity of operations during crises but also the cultivation of resilience that positions your business for long-term success. Our strategic framework encompasses proactive risk mitigation, robust contingency planning, and an adaptive resilience strategy, ensuring that your organisation not only weathers storms but emerges stronger, more agile, and better equipped to navigate the dynamic landscapes of the future.

By seamlessly integrating business continuity and resilience into every facet of our services, we empower your business with the assurance that, in the face of uncertainty, it stands resilient, adaptive and ready for sustained growth and operational excellence


Performance Analytics

Performance analytics stands as the dynamic heartbeat within our suite of strategic services, leveraging cutting-edge data analysis techniques to delve deep into the intricacies of your organisational performance. Through a comprehensive approach, we meticulously gather, interpret, and visualize data, offering a panoramic view of your operations. This analytical prowess goes beyond mere measurement; it becomes a catalyst for transformative insights that propel your organisation towards optimal efficiency and informed decision-making.

By integrating performance analytics seamlessly into our services, we empower your organisation with the insights to adapt, refine strategies, and navigate the competitive landscape with foresight. 

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Optimise and align your organisation's technological landscape with future growth aspirations.

Strategically position your organisation for sustained growth, enhanced security and operational excellence in an ever-changing digital landscape.

Unparalleled Expertise

Immerse your organisation in a wealth of diverse expertise with our team of seasoned professionals, renowned for delivering cutting-edge solutions and staying abreast of industry best practices. Count on us to ensure that your technology landscape remains ahead of the curve.

Cost Savings & Budget Predictability

Experience substantial cost savings by embracing our model that eliminates the need for extensive in-house infrastructure and staffing. Our approach delivers a predictable and budget-friendly Managed IT solution, allowing your organisation to allocate resources strategically.

Proactive Support Excellence

Elevate your IT experience with our commitment to proactive maintenance and support. Our preventative measures and swift issue resolution minimize downtime, ensuring that your systems operate seamlessly and your organisation remains agile.

Scalability & Flexibility

Seamlessly scale your IT resourcing to match the dynamic growth trajectory of your business. Whether you're expanding or facing fluctuations in demand, our flexible model ensures that your IT infrastructure adapts effortlessly to changing market needs and orgainsational requiremetns.

Robust Security

Safeguard your digital assets with our comprehensive cybersecurity solutions. Our robust security protocols protect against evolving threats, providing peace of mind and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements, client expectations and industry standards.

Focus on your organisation

Unburden your team and redirect focus towards core business functions as we expertly manage you organsiation's day-to-day and strategic IT operations. Choose strategic initiatives and goals as the forefront of your organisation's growth journey, while we handle the intricacies of your IT landscape.

Technology Integration

Seamlessly integrate cutting-edge technologies into your IT environment with our managed projects. Our team leverages expertise to ensure a tailored approach, aligning technology solutions with your unique business requirements. Explore the possibilities of technology integration that empower your business for optimal performance.

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