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Build certainty and confidence around your organisations Risk and Security posture.

Ensure Business Continuity and build resilience into your organisations everyday operations.


We help organisations ensure Continuity and build Resilience into everyday operations.

We help our clients identify potential risk and security vulnerabilities within their organisation's systems, processes, and infrastructure. This enables your organisation to develop a comprehensive and effective security posture by identifying and prioritising risks, security vulnerabilities and threats.

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Mitigate Risk

Proactively protect critical operations, data and information systems, and reputation, while improving business continuity and performance.

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Risk Management

Identify and mitigate potential risks, ensuring strategic alignment, financial stability, operational efficiency, reputation management and compliance.

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Incident Response

Quickly and effectively respond to security incidents. Minimise the impact on operations, protect sensitive data, mitigate financial losses and maintain your reputation.

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Governance and Compliance

Ensure your organisation operates ethically, transparently and in compliance with all laws, regulations and industry standards in all markets in Australia and overseas. We provide stragetic advice and guidance on data lifecycle management, policy management along with privacy impact assessments.

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Business Continuity

We’ll conduct a Business Impact Assessment to understand the potential impacts of disruptive events on your operations, resources, and overall business continuity. We will use insights from the assessment to evaluate how your business continuity processes are being managed, and determine if existing continuity plans are effective and in line with your organisation’s objectives.

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Disaster Recovery and Backup

Our DR review involves simulating various disaster scenarios and executing recovery procedures to assess the effectiveness and readiness of your organisation's recovery capabilities. We'll build a  Disaster Recovery Plan, including a back up and restoration schedule relevant to your organisation’s needs, to protect and minimise the impact of potential disasters or other disruptive events.


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A full suite of solutions to help ensure compliance to all regulations and legislation.

We'll help protect your team, customers and all of your data.

Risk and Security Strategy

Our risk and security strategy will provide your organisation with a framework to identify and manage risks, protect its assets and reputation, and maintain continuity of operations in the face of potential threats and vulnerabilities.

Risk Auditing and Assessments

Our Risk Auditing and Assessments will benchmark the effectiveness and efficiency of your organisation's risk management structures and operations against frameworks including ISO27001, Essential8, ST4S and OVIC's PDSP.

Data Lifecycle Management

 We’ll strategically analyse your data handling practices against each stage of the data lifecycle, measuring the impact that your people, processes, and technology have on data confidentiality, integrity, and availability. We will provide insight on how secured data is available to the right person at the right time, and how data is being used to support decisions and everyday operations.

Permission and Access Management

Ensure only authorised individuals have access to your organisation’s sensitive data and systems. We'll help reduce the risk of data breaches and cyber attacks, protect intellectual property, and maintain compliance with regulatory requirements.

Data Loss Prevention

We help organisations to prevent data breaches and protect their sensitive data from cyber threats, accidental disclosure, or intentional theft. DLP solutions can identify and block sensitive data from being transmitted over email, instant messaging, cloud storage, or other channels.

Privacy Impact Assessments

We’ve developed a systematic process for identifying and assessing the privacy risks associated with an IT project, initiative, or system. Our privacy impact assessment helps your organisation make informed decisions about how to protect personal information, improve data privacy protection, increase compliance, and improve business operations and public trust.

Policy Management

Security threats are constantly evolving, and policies need to adapt accordingly. Our policy management review ensures that your security policies are regularly reviewed, updated, and aligned with the changing threat landscape. This adaptability will help your organisations stay resilient against emerging security risks, and reduce your risk profile.

Phishing Campaigns

We’ll run an email campaign using a carefully engineered fake email or message to simulate a phishing attack on your organisation’s selected staff. We’ll then provide detailed reporting and analytics to uncover how your team interacted with the phishing email, and provide ongoing training to educate your team on the dangers and signs to look out for in a suspect emails.

Penetration and Vulnerability Testing

We’ll help your organisation identify vulnerabilities and weaknesses in IT systems, enabling you to take proactive measures by prioritising system patches and updates to mitigate risks and improve your cyber security posture.

Risk Register

We provide organisations with a structured approach to identify, prioritise, manage, and communicate risks. By leveraging a risk register, your organisation can effectively manage risks, comply with regulations and standards, allocate risk owners, assign actions and tasks, improve communication and collaboration, and continuously measure effectiveness of your risk management strategies.

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