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Privacy & Security

When it comes to Privacy & Security - preparedness is key.

  • Do you lose sleep worrying about financial loss or business disruption due to a technology breach?

    Many people assume that their current technology will manage their risks, protect people's privacy and minimise cyber security threats. But you need to stay constantly aware and vigilant to the ever present and evolving threats. 

    To minimise the risks, it is imperative that proactive security measures are implemented and that data is protected from being compromised. 

    RTG can help you assess your current exposure, test systems you have in place, minimise risks and develop and maintain an ongoing plan to ensure you, your people and your customers stay protected.


  • What if…? How would your organisation respond? Who would be involved and how will you overcome it?

    To have an effective Risk Management strategy in place is critical in modern-day businesses. Risk management is the process of identifying, assessing, responding and taking the necessary steps to reduce vulnerabilities and potential threats to an organisation’s everyday operations.

    We have worked with many organisations across numerous industries to understand how to formulate & implement successful risk management & mitigation strategies, informing & providing guidance towards unforeseen circumstances.

  • Are your processes robust enough to identify, detect, contain & resolve data privacy breaches?

    Digital Privacy encompasses the management and protection of all data within your organisation, including third parties plus all employee and stakeholder information. In a data-driven age, digital privacy is more important than ever.

    RTG’s Digital Privacy audit is premised on a set of controls that are fit-for-purpose to an organisation’s context and need, aiming to reduce risk to all its information assets, while ensuring compliance with privacy regulations.

    We possess the expertise to guide and implement the most appropriate digital privacy structure & practices for your organisation.

  • How secure is your network? Are you potentially exposed to Cyber Risk?

    A security assessment is a review of your technology security measures. It will identify and assess the key security controls that are in place to minimise exposure to cyber risk. 

    Let us help you to identify any vulnerabilities in your network and in the process ensure that you are meeting all legal & regulatory privacy requirements.

  • Have you ever been unable to recover a document from a corrupt server or a power outage?

    While major disasters like earthquakes and tsunamis are rare - a power outage, corrupt server or a lost laptop are not. RTG can help you to identify which systems and applications your organisation will need to continue business as usual (BAU) in the event of a ‘disaster  

    The first step maybe an ICT Review which is essentially a Health Check for your organisation’s current and future technology demands.  The Review will consider and include:

    • Risk management assessment
    • Data back-up plan
    • Financial cost of being unable to continue BAU
    • ICT team included in risk management assessment

    So if you need some advice with your business continuity RTG can help.

  • Are you a Victorian public sector organisations who must submit a PDSP to OVIC at least every two years, or upon significant change?

    The Office of the Victorian Information Commissioner (“OVIC”) suggests Victorian Public Sector organisations are familiar with more ”traditional” risk management structures, however findings from 2020 PDSP submissions has indicated information security risk management is less understood. 

    By facilitating a robust security risk profile assessment against OVIC’s VPDSS framework, we can support VPS organisations with the 2022 submission of its PDSP. This process will not only provide benchmarks to populate your PDSP form, but you will be provided with a 2-year data security roadmap ensuring risk structures are in place that provide ongoing insight into the type, value and visibility of data assets, ensuring IT security controls are proportionate to the organisation’s IT infrastructure and data ecosystem. 


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