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Personalised Technology Solutions to streamline your organisation.

  • Can you share information seamlessly and confidently back-up essential documentation?

    With flexible working hours, businesses need flexible solutions that are efficient, reliable and cost effective 24hrs a day.

    Cloud solutions offer scalable flexible infrastructure to meet the inevitable changing demands of businesses.

    But which cloud is right for you?  Hybrid, Private, Public, or something different? There are so many options and the cloud is constantly evolving.

    RTG can help you to plan, implement and continually improve your cloud systems to enable not only online secure storage, but the availability of system resources, applications and analytics and the ability for you to have everything online from wherever you have access to the internet.


  • Is your data storage scalable and dependable?

    Choosing adaptable and scalable data storage and server systems are an unenviable task.

    RTG's team will be able to provide assistance in selecting a system that is dependable, meets performance requirements and has one that is able to adjust with changing business requirements. 

  • Are there manual processes in your business that you know could be automated, but don’t know how?

    Refining and streamlining everyday processes by automating these routine functions can accomplish an efficient and cost-effective workflow.

    Based on defined business goals, RTG can assist with automation in order to transform the day-to-day operations within your business.

    We will assess those processes that are fixed (linear), programable (based on a set of criteria) or require flexibility to implement.

    For example: Onboarding a new employee – automation can be used to send a contract, receive & save the signed contract, set-up IT equipment and assign software & licenses based on permissions for that team member.

  • Do you have an outdated phone system that is hindering your business?

    Today, communication systems within an organisation are much more than a physical desk phone.

    It encompasses voice, video conferencing solutions, calendar integrations, online chat including screen sharing and the ability to analyse both in & outbound calls.

    We have the know-how to deliver a system that enhances your ability to connect & collaborate across teams and with clients in real time nationally & internationally.

  • Do you want to take the guesswork out of selecting and implementing a suitable network solution? 

    With everything moving online or using web-based delivery in some way, network reliability and performance is more critical than ever.

    Deploying and maintaining a reliable network requires expertise as it is often a complex process to ensure that things are running correctly.

    There are switches and networking devices to maintain, but there is a lot more that you may not have considered, such as the type of fibre cabling within your buildings, the kind of traffic that is on your network and what should be given priority. RTG can assess and help you with this and more. 

  • How reliable will your technology stack be in the future?

    Like any good architectural design, IT systems architecture requires careful planning, specific components and implementation to achieve desired results and ensure longevity. It is the foundation of reliability, functionality and cost effectiveness.

    Let us assist you to build a sustainable technology stack that you can rely upon in the future.  


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